Pomade degreasing methods

My goal was to make an inventory of degreasing methods I’ve been reading on the pomade groups of Facebook (Everything Pomade). These methods will soften up build up to facilitate degreasing processes. You can try them separately or in combination. Try it on dry hair instead of wet hair. Let sit for 10-15′ or longer. Some persons sleep with a degreaser in and rinse it out in the morning, … . A few methods are natural, other will be harsher and not that healthy. Some will work (better) for you, other maybe not or less.

In general

  • Use warm water but not too hot = can irritate scalp
  • Gently rubbing while rinsing
  • Use the wide tooth of the comb to comb through the hair: the degreasing product(s) will be distributed evenly. Grease comes out.
  • Rinse thoroughly

Natural methods

  • Oils: coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil
  • Captain Bly’s brilliantine: mostly natural, mineral oil is its basic ingredient
  • Soap bars: O’Douds, J.R. Liggett’s, Ninong degreasing soap bar, glycerin bar
  • Water soluble unorthodox pomades: O’Douds: matte pomade, standard pomade, styling treatment. Arcadian firm and medium water based.
  • Hair tonics

Other methods

  • Shampoo on ‘pomade dry hair’ and rinse or apply some water on top of it until it lathers
  • Let the shampoo sit for 10-15′
  • Deep cleansing/degrease shampoos
  • Put some natural soap bar on top of shampoo: fortifies the shampoo
  • Regular shampoo: Head & shoulders line, Renpure argan oil shampoo
  • Hair conditioner on dry or wet hair for 10-15′: Aussie 3 minute miracle moist, Matrix biolage cleansing conditioner, Pantene PRO-V after shampooing conditioner, Renpure argan oil conditioner
  • Hair butter: Dax bergamot butter
  • Creams: Groom and clean, Brylcreem, Tabac original hair cream
  • Gel-type pomades
  • Hair grooms: Lockhart’s hair groom, Nostalgic grooming cream
  • Hair dressings
  • Light pomades
  • Dish soaps
  • Baby oil/mineral oil
  • Hair tonics
  • Hair dryer: grease melts

YouTube tutorials: How to degrease?


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