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Apeldoorns vet – medium oil based pomade

Company – product

‘Apeldoorns vet’ or in English: ‘grease from Apeldoorn’ is a pomade brand out of The Netherlands, Apeldoorn. Brewer is Klaas Reinders. He comes with a medium hold oil based pomade. Beeswax is the base.

Klaas loves the rock and roll era from the fifties. He plays in a band and wears a classic pomp. He’s the dude on the photo from the jar and an enthusiastic greaser. It all began as a hobby and after experimenting with the formula for a year, he presented it to the Dutch pomade collective group and then began selling it (January 2017). Here you have it: ‘Apeldoorns vet, handgemaakte pomade, medium’ – ‘Apeldoorn’s grease, medium, handmade pomade’.

I’m from Belgium which is a neigbor of The Netherlands, and we talk Dutch as well. I know Klaas from the mentioned Dutch pomade collective group and decided to help him out to launch his brand, by purchasing one myself and made a review on it. The AV pomade costs $11 for a 4.5 oz tin = nice deal!

Bonus: Klaas styling with his own pomade (spoken in Dutch) –

More info:

My hair profile

I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a boar hair brush, a Denman plus a detangler (Tangle teezer). During styling, I use brushes most. More about the tangle teezer on:


Pomade comes in a 4.5 oz (127 g) silver tin with screw top lid and has a yellowish beeswax color. Klaas offers a silver tin with black edge too. I do not know whether he is gonna keep them both or just one of them.


Beeswax, Petrolatum, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Fragrance Oils.


Strawberry – apple – rosewood or a nice cocktail of roses and apples. Scent is subtle in the jar and in the hair as well. It’s there but not prominent, not overbearing, balanced and modest. If you want an all day lingering parfum or a replacement for your cologne, this aroma is not the one to choose. Scent vanishes throughout the day. All this said, I really don’t dig lingering, permeating, tart aromas, so I’m happy with Klaas’ one!

Application process – result

Application to wet hair (my way): tames my waves the best doing so (especially with medium holds). Scooping out goes facile: a little hard at the top layer, it ribbons. Going deeper: much softer to scoop. Breakdown: a few rubs and you get a creamy, not tacky, not sticky texture. Working through the hair: no tug and pull. Spreads evenly very easily. Combing through the hair: some tension. Used 3 average sized licks on wet hair and got a steady grip. Important: don’t overdo, less is more. Styling process: easy, fast, slick. This oil based ain’t too greasy and is somewhat in the line of the Big Slick pomades. Noticed right away its great control to keep the mane down, to control my waviness, sides and cowlick area. Minimal flyaways, strays. Lifting my front: some nice height and a great clean, neat hairdo. After half an hour, my hair had not moved at all: no sag, no strays, nothing, just the same as at the start! I mostly restyle a few areas once the pomade has settled but this wasn’t necessary at all with Apeldoorns vet. In terms of weight: light-medium weight to enable some decent volume.


Medium sheen, present for the rest of the day without dulling.

Hold – endurance

According to brewer Klaas: a medium. Yes, a medium it is. This has great endurance under normal, not very strenuous conditions plus also resists a good walk and some humidity (umbrella protected). Temperatures I was in: around 50. In short: Apeldoorns vet is very well-made with a good all round balance.


Restyling was not really necessary. Just a few minor touch ups here and there and they were very minor the first day. Testing out: easy to restyle, no real tension combing through. Hold keeps about its medium properties. Waves showed up but in a sufficiently controlled manner.

Build up

Rather clean for a petro-beeswax base and also easy to work with. Styled on damp hair and my waves came through after some recombing. For me, this product works better on real wet hair. 1 or 2 small scoops suffice.

Washing out

Around 3 washes to get it all out. It all depends on your hair type, the amount used, your shampoo and such things.

I made an inventory of degreasing methods that can help you:

Hair, scalp issues



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