About pomade in words



Hi everybody, welcome to my WordPress about hair pomades!

I’m Bertold Roux from Belgium (Europe). I started loving and using pomades around April 2015.


Do you like me to review your pomade(s)? 

I review:

  • Oil, water, wax based pomades.
  • Medium, firm, heavy holds.
  • How it works for my hair and in a constructive way.

I don’t review:

  • Pastes, clays and related.
  • Light holds, super heavies.
  • On YouTube.
  • On payment.

Contact options:

  • My wordpress.
  • Facebookpage: @piw74
  • Facebook: Bertold Roux.
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bertoldroux/


Hope you enjoy my reviews. You may leave a comment in the comment section if you want. Constructive feedback is always welcome!


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OilBasedPomadeEnthusiasts/


Greetings, cheers

Bertold ☻



  1. Hello Bertold!

    I feel like I have very similar hair to yours, thick wavy. Very prominent wave in the front, also similar to yours. I also style a side part. Could you post about your styling routine as well as your haircut?


    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for the mail!

      My hair is around medium thick, some waving yes.

      I don’t have/ask for a special haircut. My barber isn’t an old school barber. He’s just the one I have for about ten years and I’m satisfied with.

      My hair reaches my eyebrows at the front. Sides are shaved a bit, 0.5 inch above my ears.

      I use a Denman brush, a boar brush and a cricket comb. The brushes are used to slick back the hair and the keep it down, to manage the cowlicks. And you won’t notice tug or pull when using brushes, I hate to rip out hairs! The cricket and Denman help to lift the front. My rear isn’t the easiest to style so the boar brush comes in. Many people only use (pocket) combs to style. My hair doesn’t allow me to do that.
      My front has the tendency to lie back, not going straight up. Pushing it forward, gives my waving in a vertical way.

      Hope I’ve answered your questions. I do not post photos because I hate them and don’t want my face all over the net :p .

      Grtz Bertold


  2. Hello sir,

    I am the splendour pomade from malaysia. I would like you to review my pomade. How is the procedure for you to review my pomade sir ?

    The Splendour


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