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Lockhart’s authentic grooming co – heavy hold oil based pomade

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade 113 gr.

The company

Lockhart’s authentic grooming co is one of the most recognized grooming brands. The company is property of Steve and Nichole Lockhart, based out of Michigan.

Both are active in the Facebook community ‘Everything Pomade’ and really open to user’s feedback to improve their products.

At Lockhart’s, they don’t sit still: they create new products regularly. Most of their grooming is handmade (authentic grooming line). Some products are fabricated with the support of a lab (professional grooming line).

Nice thing is that Lockhart’s gives the opportunity to choose between a big bunch of scents from time to time with their: ‘any hold-any scent’ actions. It is also possible to order unscented products.

I showcased a few other Lockhart’s pomades in the past: Goon grease, heavy hold oil based –

The pomade

Pomade I will be reviewing: Lockhart’s heavy hold oil based. This is an ‘oldie’ and still a liked heavy. I was on the fence about it for long stretches of time as I thought it would be too heavy and too waxy for my taste. But I cut the knot!

This is what the company has to say about their heavy hold: ‘Lockhart’s heavy hold is not for the faint of heart, it is a very heavy hold! Warming this pomade up in your hands is essential to properly distribute the pomade through your hair. Not nearly as difficult as most heavies on the market, however. Once in your hair it will hold your hair in any style you desire! From psychobilly wedges and raging pompadours, to Mohawks and liberty spikes, it’ll get the job done.’

Lockhart’s heavy hold is poured into a 4 oz black tin with black and white labels. On top of the lid you can find the ingredients, the company’s name and product. I dig the fact that the info is printed on top; so you can grab it faster out of your collection. At the sides you find info such as hold/shine level, directions, caution and the ingredients. Inside the tin you come across a white pomade.

To wrap things up, here’s the link to the Lockhart’s website –

My profile

My hair: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour.
My styling equipment: boar hair brush, Denman brush, detangler (Tangle teezer), and Bixby comb. Use brushes most.


Microcrystalline Wax, Beeswax, Petrolatum, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Lanolin, Parfum.

Microcrystalline wax or microwax is derived from petrolatum/petroleum.


Coco-vanilla: the original scent. Smell reminds me of the Lardage ‘bacon’ scent from Pomps not dead. Latter also has that vanilla note. Lockhart’s scent is fresher with the coconut added. It smells strong diving in the jar. In the mane it is rather subtle: breezes come by and leave in a non-abrasive manner. The scent is okay for me, though not a big fan. But as mentioned before, you can opt for other scents!

Application – styling process

Application: damp hair for me. This is a heavy and on dry hair it will rip out hairs and my waves will win the game and I hate having that wavy mop. I scooped out 2.5 scoops from average size.

Scooping: for a heavy it scoops out easy. Just a push on the hard top layer and the pomade comes off. Beneath the top layer, it is softer and easier to get the licks out.

Breaking down: solid, waxy and sticky, not dry and not greasy. You have to warm it up a bit to break it down to get a ‘candle’ alike substance at first, becoming ‘creamy’  without clumps of wax.

Putting in: there’s an amount of tug and pull but not the one that hurts hair and scalp. Damper hair and small amounts of pomade at a time will help. You feel the grip of the wax. Even distribution is achievable.

Slicking back: I use my Denman and tangle teezer brushes. The Denman slicks back the hair tight and clean and helps to coat evenly. The tangle teezer reduces tug and pull after that. Combing through: I noticed some resistance which is a normal thing working with heavy strength pomades. Switching direction of the bangs plus creating a part: my tangle teezer did a good job to avoid tugging and pulling. I was able to make a clean part.

Control: this pomade styles relatively facile. It is not the most comfortable but not the hardest to style with either. The heavy laid down my hair at the sides and rest rather easy and there was no popping out of hairs I usually get with wax heavies. No, my hair stayed put after a few brush strokes. The sticky consistency contributes to this. The heavy leads the hair into the direction you want. It tamed my cowlicks well. My waves were gone. My sides were tight. No stray hairs, no dry sensation, its slickness is alright for a heavy. Had to recomb my front several times.

Weight: medium weight pomade. It offers good height and volume.

Styling time: it took me more time to style as usual.

Initial result: my hair do looked good. No blocky shape, well-rounded and clean. No bumps in the front (also because my waves there).

Results after 30′: no real sag, no splits. I usually have to recomb some areas after it has settled but now I was ready after some minor touch ups of the sides (cowlick area).


Described as a matte. Kind of neutral in my hair. No fading out into matte when the day went by.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

It says: ‘heavy hold’ on the lid and yes, this is a heavy hold for sure! They even describe it as a very heavy. The Lockhart’s is one of the heaviest oil based pomades I’m aware of. It’s about the same, hold wise, as Reuzel pink. For my medium thick hair it provides me with too much hold, I don’t need that much. My cowlick at the sides began to fight back (loose hairs) a bit and had to restyle that area a few times. I wanna mention Goon grease, a firm for me and more suitable for my mane. But all this said: Lockhart’s heavy hold keeps everything together very well! Great endurance, especially in the summer or tropical weather. This is a heavy which you can rely on. People with unruly, thick, wavy, curly hair: grab this! When I wore it, it was not summery in Belgium. Temperatures were around 60. No real heavy-duty (holiday mode), just a relaxing walk. There was no rain, no wind, it was cloudy, some sun. At the end of the day: a few strays and loose hairs.


Easy to brush through. Its hold did not decrease: looked even better on day 1! I restyled after 30 minutes on the second day and it was so much cleaner again.

Build up

I was at peace how it performed on day 1: it did better than expected. Day 2: with build up. I don’t wash my hair, just add water, tonic, and product. It felt waxy and a tad sticky. I imagined: how is it going to work out today? Many wax heavy pomades were a hassle on day 2. How did this one act? Well, it did work good. It was manageable but it took me more time to get the right shape. With build up it becomes a bit heavier and it was yet too heavy on the first day. But I’m glad I gave it a try for sure. This is a refined heavy pomade.

Wash out

About 4 washes with shampoo as it is an oil based. It depends on the present build up, your hair type, type and amount of shampoo. Here a link to help with washing it off much easier –

After I rinsed, my hair felt soft and healthy.

Similar pomades

  • Reuzel pink: heavy hold oil based.
  • Pomps not dead, Lardage: firm oil based.


This is, again, a typical well-made Lockhart’s pomade. If you are in need of a real heavy oil based to control and keep your curls, waves, thick unruly hair out, don’t look any further. For my medium thick hair, it is too heavy.


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –

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