Pomps not dead, pompage – medium oil based pomade

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Pomps Not Dead (PND) is a well-known brand in the pomade game, on the same level as Lockhart’s, Big slick, O’Douds, Flagship and Shear revival. The company was founded by Edwin Carson out of Houston, Texas and contains all hand brewed grooming products. These pomades are infamous for their classy and classic labels (also handmade by his wife), their great scents and slickness. The one I’m going to highlight here will be: ‘PND pompage’, a medium petro based (oil based) pomade.

Edwin also made an unorthodox water based with a medium hold. There are 2 batches available which are both a great addition to this list!

Edwin offers too: hair tonic, laces, guitar picks, caps,  … .

PND is a favorite brand from many greasers and I can only fully confirm this! Check out his pomades. If you haven’t, you’re missing out a lot!

More info:


Pompage comes in a 4 oz (113 g) round tin. There’s also the design with the cassette on the front. People loving the coffee scent and desiring a firm hold: firmage in a coffee scent exists. Mocha color, about the same as the OG (original PND).


Petrolatum, beeswax, microwax, castor oil and scent.

Basic formula: a few waxes, an oil and scent. The castor oil conditions hair and scalp. Shortly: simple, done right formula.


Coffee. Believe some tones of caramel are added. I’m a real coffee lover, so this scent is the tits for me. Nicely balanced, not overly strong, agreeable lingering all day long. Love it!


My hair: I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour.

My styling equipment: at the moment, I’m using a boar hair brush, a Denman plus a detangler (Tangle teezer). During styling, I use brushes most.

Application: in very damp hair because mediums tend to let my waves come through and applying it this way, my hair has a more straightened outlook. 4 normal sized licks in the mop.

Scooping: the pomade is soft and comes out right away as we can expect from PND.

Breakdown: is a breeze, love it! Feels creamy and you get a waxy texture that’s very easy to disperse through the hair. No tug involved. Gives a good grip.

Combing back: tiny resistance. Parting went very easy.

Control: pompage was able to slick down my sides beautifully, it tamed my cowlicks nicely and gave me a neat, clean and slick hairdo without waving which I do like. Styling went easy and smooth. Height: good for a medium. No splits, no flyaways.


Labeled as a light shine. To me medium sheen, all day long.


Medium hold. In terms of hold it’s a little step up comparing it to the OG.


My hair sagged a tiny bit, scarce waving due to the sun and temperatures around 70° F (21° C) and a few solid walks. My hair kept a good shape all day long with just a few flyaways, nice slicked down sides, no splits and well managed cowlicks. Pompage has a good endurance. The product has a medium weight feel. Feels soft and a bit greasy, non-sticky in the hair.


Good hold after restyling. Waves did not come through that much. No resistance when restyling (Denman brush).


Build up is on the greasier side. This keeps the hair together and slick. I didn’t get much more hold on the second day. Endurance was about the same. There’s no need to rub in much more, a few normal sized scoops will do it. I applied on wet hair.


Around 3 washes, normal process for a medium petro pomade. After the rinse, hair felt soft and healthy.


Pomps not dead, OG (original).

Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OilBasedPomadeEnthusiasts/


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