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The mail room barber co, Nolde forest – medium oil based pomade

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the mailroom barber nolde forest pomade

Company – product

The mail room barber co out of South Carolina is a grooming company owned by brewer and master barber Robert Watkins. He offers handmade, ethically sourced products of high quality.

Robert’s brand is best known for his medium oil based Nolde forest pomade, made in collaboration with photographer Cody Calhoun. The pomade’s name is inspired by a forest named Nolde. Nolde Forest encompasses more than 665 acres of deciduous woodlands and coniferous plantations. Based out of Pennsylvania. This pomade is infamous for its unique forest scent. At first meant to be a limited batch but its big success made it a permanent run! Big plus: this is an all vegan pomade.

Another line of pomades, also vegan with nourishing profits: the natural pomades: X (light), XX (medium), XXX (heavy). Did a review on the heavy/ XXX: Characteristic of these pomades: very clean and lightweight.

Last but not least, a classic pomade with white petrolatum & lanolin aboard. Update: he swapped the petrolatum for castor jelly.

An advantage of the mail room barber co pomades is that they wash out easier than most other oil based pomades. 1 or 2 shampoos will rinse all out: great thing for an oil based pomade.

Robert manages his own website that looks great by the way!


More info:

My hair profile

I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a brush with wild boar hair, a Denman brush plus a wide tooth comb (detangler). During styling, I use brushes most. I also use a tangle teezer. More info:


Comes in a 3.5 oz amber glass jars with transparent sticker. Design is clean and minimalistic, done by Robert himself. Pomade’s color is light yellow.

Ingredients (as printed on the jar)

Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Soy Wax, Emulsifying Wax, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils.

These components are very nourishing for scalp and hair. Robert used a great list of ingredients providing the pomade its great reputation!


Next the description of the scent by Robert Watkins: ‘The scent is fresh and crisp like the smell of a forest right after it rains, with all of the musky, deep notes of damp pine straw’. Some love the greatness of the Nolde pomade but couldn’t be friends with its smell. Others enjoy the earthy tones of the Nolde forest. I belong to the second category. The scent is not that strong in the jar. Some will find it just that overpowering. When you put it in your hair, you remark a few strong whiffs. Once it’s in there, subtle whiffs once in a while. Not a whole day lingering aroma.

Application process – result

Application on damp hair works the best for my hair type. The pomade’s top layer is a bit hard but scooping out isn’t a hassle: comes out right away. Under the top layer scooping becomes easier. The scooping is a tiny less comfortable than other mediums but is it a pain in the ass? Not at all. Breakdown of Nolde ain’t difficult: smears out right away after several solid rubs. Feeling you get: creamy, waxy, oily, a tiny stickiness. Had to deal with a few clumps, but these were gone after breaking down the product further. Putting in: tiny tug. Pomade provided a solid feel right away and I just needed 3 licks to get a solid feel. Slicking back went easy, no real resistance (use of the tangle teezer). Dispersing evenly through the hair: easy thing. Got a great part immediately. It slicked back my sides very nice. My cowlicks did obey easy. Hair did wave a bit in the front. After recombing a bit later, waves were less present plus clean and neat. To prevent hair from waving: application on damp hair. Hair did sag a bit after initial styling. No strays, flyaways and a slick hair shape. Got average height putting it into damp hair and another time some good height because of the damper application plus one scoop more. Overall styling was one of the easiest I experienced! Has the slickness of a petro based and acts quite similar.


Categorized as a medium. This pomade provided me with a nice medium shine. Sunshine made it shine nicely with a not too shiny, greasy look. Shine didn’t fade.

Hold – endurance

Meant as a medium hold. This is what I got from it, leaning towards a solid medium. I’m more of a heavy hold user so this pomade will work different for my hair. Hair sagged somewhat during the day but stayed clean and neat overall. Cowlicks, sides held down perfectly. No splits or strays, flyaways. I did some touch ups with my fingers on the front because of the sagging my hair was a bit unequally. Mediums tend to let my waves come through but this one managed the waves relatively well in a decent, clean manner. Temperatures around 70, no real sweating, few walks was what it had to endure. Nolde has a great control. More of a light-medium in terms of weight, giving some decent volume. Endurance wise it’s very good: build up makes it better. Overall feel in the hair: soft, not tacky nor greasy.


Being an oil based, restyling is no problem. I didn’t notice tug while restyling. Still a good hold after recombing. Restyling of the front didn’t cause stronger waving, straying or flyaways.

Build up

Clean and not that waxy containing several waxes. I applied to very damp hair to straighten the waves even more. Some walks, cycling in a sunny weather around 70 and hair stayed great.

Washing out

Water and 1-2 times shampoo depending on your hair type and the quantity of pomade used. Easier to wash out in comparison to other oil based pomades and ideal for a one-day commitment! Hair feels soft and healthy after the wash.

Hair, scalp issues


Similar pomades

  • The mail room barber, XX natural pomade – medium oil based pomade.
  • The beer can professor – medium oil based pomade.
  • Reminds me of King palm, classic (medium) hold.

Scent wise:

  • O’Douds original, heavy hold oil based pomade.
  • The mail room barber XXX natural oil based pomade.


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –

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[…] Robert’s brand is best known for his medium oil based, the Nolde forest pomade he did in a collaboration with photographer Cody Calhoun. Pomade is named after the Nolde forest out of Pennsylvania. Nolde is vegan and very conditioning for the hair and scalp. To me Nolde is one of the best oil based pomades! Showcased it as well, here is the link – […]


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