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Shear revival grooming & beauty, The one who knocks (TOWK) – medium oil based pomade

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Company – product

Shear revival grooming & beauty is a company founded by barber Zachary West out of New Jersey. The company abides between the high status pomade brands such as: O’Douds, Big slick, Lockhart’s and Pomps not dead.

Today I’ll be reviewing: ‘The one who knocks’, named after ‘The breaking bad’ episodes. On the pomade channels pomade users refer to it as: ‘TOWK’. TOWK is an infamous and popular product among pomade lovers.

The batch I’m talking about is the latest: glass jars, without the petrolatum. Zachary swapped the petro for hydrogenated castor oil to obtain a cleaner product. TOWK’s main ingredient is beeswax now.

I’ve never tried the previous TOWK thus I cannot compare. If you’re curious how both relate: The Western Gent (Gary G. Nobriga) did a competitive review in his informative ‘FYI series’. I’ll post the link here:

Other revised and noted pomades from SR are:

  • Crystal lake: medium unorthodox water based (after the Friday, the 13th movies).
  • Elm street: light oil based (after Nightmare on Elm street).
  • Music or misery: heavy oil based (after High fidelity).
  • American gardens: light-medium clay.

Bonus, interview by pomade reviewer Michael Bateman, Spruce and sharp –

 More info:

 My hair profile

I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a brush with wild boar hair, a Denman brush plus a wide tooth comb (detangler). During styling, I use brushes most. 


Amber colored, glass jars, 4 oz size with very clean labeling. Color of the TOWK pomade: yellowish.


Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Fragrance & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.


Atlas, cedar wood, sandalwood and bergamot. For me: sort of baby powder aroma. Smell is a bit odd in my opinion, don’t like it. Noticed a few whiffs from time to time, not overwhelming.

Application process – result

Scooping out of the jar and breaking it down: there’s some resistance. The waxy texture becomes buttery and shiny: this predicts the pomade will have a good amount of shine. I took around 4 1/2 scoops because I’m a heavy user. It went in easy, some grip, no real tug or pull. Spreading evenly: piece of cake. Hair felt not sticky. Combing through: some resistance but not painful at all, hair won’t be ripped out. I was glad to notice it straightened my waves, probably due to the 4 1/2 scoops I used to be sure of the hold. Most mediums are not capable to straighten my waves, certainly not on the first day. My cowlicks: tamed immediately. Sides held down well. Didn’t need a great amount of time to style, easy thing. Got some good height and a nice, slick, clean hairdo.


Nice medium, all day long.

Hold – endurance

Medium hold. After initial styling: tiny bit of sagging and a few strays, few flyaways. Waves under control. Cowlicks and sides held in place: good. No splits. Bit of cycling and a walk with temperatures around the 70s didn’t wreck my hair: just a few strays. At the end of the day: few flyaways, some strays, tiny bit of sagging, no real waves coming through. The pomade does not feel heavy in the hair nor doesn’t weigh the hair down. Soft feel.


No problem. Hold about the same. Waves did not show through much more. No resistance when restyling (Denman brush).

Build up

Build up is waxy and clean. Days after: a few scoops extra. Build up on the second day didn’t give me a more solid hold: bit of waving and some loose hairs. Better option: styling on wet hair.

Washing out

Around 2-3 washes. Afterwards my hair felt healthy and soft. 

I made an inventory of degreasing methods that can help you:

Hair, scalp issues

No breakouts, allergies, itching.


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –


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