Oil based pomades

Tremolo’s hair pomade, Stiff Dick – medium hold oil based

The company

Today I go back to Tremolo’s hair pomade, brand created by brewer Jared Sorkin out of Illinois. Jared is taking a break at this moment and will come back (at least, I hope that he will) in the near future.

More info:

The pomade

Got a sample of the heavy microwax (oil) based ‘Stiff Dick’ from Andrew Carruthers out of the UK. Thanks, Andrew!

Some reviewers described it as a solid medium. It is advertised to be a heavy holding pomade. Quoting the brewer: ‘Stiff Dick pomade is a heavy-hold wax based pomade that goes in easy and sleek with a great shine. No pulling or tugging! It will tame even your thick, wavy, curly or coarse hair. With Stiff Dick, you can re-comb and style all day long, over and over without losing any hold! Holds up great even in heat and humidity. Your hair won’t split, twist, curl or fall. A true, tough pomade! Achieve pompadours, slick backs, side parts, quiffs, or whatever your style may be!’

Stiff Dick hair pomade comes in a 4 oz tin with sticker labels. Pomade inside is lime green which fits the tin’s color scheme and the citrus/lemon parfum.

My profile

I have medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair, medium length. Wear a contour. I use a boar hair brush, Denman brush, detangler (Tangle teezer) and Bixby comb. Use brushes most.


Petro Microwax, Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Fragrance = the same classic, short set of ingredients like Ace’s high.

Petro microwax (microwax or microcrystalline wax) is derived from petrolatum, hence the name.


On my sample it says: cologne. I suppose we talk about citrus cologne = the original scent. For me: do not smell the citrus. Tremolo’s offers several other scents if latter is not of your liking. Not strong in the jar at all, nor in the hair = rather faint. Did not catch whiffs during the day. Maybe the scent kind diminishes when the pomade gets older? Or it evaporated = lid not closed firmly?

Application –  styling process

Application: on damp hair for it tames my wavy mop and facilitates overall styling a lot.

Scooping: comes out easy. Have a sample size thus no tough top layer.

Breaking down: just a few decent rubs between the palms and you are done and get a creamy texture. Consistency is not so thick, it is waxy but not overly, feels kind of gummy, becomes creamy. Not really sticky, not dry and not that greasy.

Putting in: there’s some tension to it but not painful, you won’t rip out hairs. It is not difficult to distribute evenly throughout the hair.

Combing through: some resistance combing with my Denman brush but no hairs torn out. Switching the mane’s direction to make a side part: slight tug. It was easy to create a clean part.

Control: able to lay down the hairs at once. Sides slicked down well. Tamed my cowlicks nearly from the beginning. Waves came through a tad (also due to shorter hair). Lifting my front: okay. Don’t expect it to wrench the hair in a direction like some heavy holds do. The hair won’t stick up either as I mentioned for it’s not that dense in the wax department. Not that sticky or dry for a heavy strength. There’s a well-balanced slickness without strays, loose hairs winning the game.

Weight: light-medium, proper volume and good height is possible with stiff Dick.

Styling time: average. Hair was too damp and I took to little pomade. Easy to work with pomade!

Initial result: around clean and neat hair do. As mentioned, my hair was a bit too wet plus used to little. Waves were present but clean. 

Results after 30′: minor sag, no splits, a few flyaways. Waves did’t show through more prominent.


Tremolo’s speaks of a great shine. In my bangs: a few steps below medium, decent shine. Nice luster in the sunlight. No fading into matte.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

Described as a medium hold. More a firm to me. It softens up but no real lost of hold. Endurance: cold temperatures (25° F), no strenuous activity, some rain (a few drops on the head), windy and a slight sunshine. Stiff Dick offers good endurance. It will do a great job during summer.


Just some minor touch ups, that was all. The comb glides through facile. Keeps its good hold.

Build up

Waxy, clean. I just add pomade on damp hair and tonic, do not wash it every day. Easy to work with. I got more hold, towards a firm for me.

Washing out

Around 3 washes with shampoo. I use natural oils and a conditioner, let it sit for 15′ = 2 shampoos suffice. Hair felt soft. Wanna have some info on degreasing:

Similar pomades

  • Tremolo’s, Aces high, heavy hold oil based: more strength.
  • Big slick: firm hold oil based.
  • Big slick: heavy hold oil based.


This is the third Tremolo’s pomade I tried and refinement, good slickness, easy work-ability are key again! Good job Jared, please come back!


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –



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