Pompking, KO – medium hold oil based pomade

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pompking KO


Today it’s time to review some Pompking pomade! Pompking pomades is a company owned by Hector and Manuela Tapia from Beloit, Wisconsin. The couple offers handmade and nicely designed grooming: pomades, beard stuff and T-shirts. The pomades are formulated like the traditional ones: with just a few ingredients in them.


The pomade I’m going to write about is: Pompking KO (Knockout), a medium holding oil based. First a limited, now a stable. Description of the KO: ‘Our special Knockout pomade is a medium hold brew. This formula has only been used on 2 occasions for individual customers. KO offers an intoxicating blend of tobacco, black raspberry and vanilla. Black tuxedo treatment and here to stay!’

Original artwork done by Paulo Rocker. Labels are stickers. On the front: the boxer with a good held pomp is kind of prediction of a solid hold. At the rear, you come across the ingredients, some directions and co’s info. Tin itself is black and 4 oz (113 g) size. The pomade inside is a clean and fresh blueish-green. I’ve seen a KO in a white tin with brown pomade, I suppose that was the first limited batch.

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Paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, beeswax, coconut oil, petrolatum, color, scent.

  • Wax is the main ingredient, actually there are 4 waxes.
  • Paraffin wax: a white, colorless, soft solid derived from petroleum. Petrolatum and micro(crystalline) are derived from petroleum as well but safe for cosmetic use (cosmetic grade).


Black raspberry, tobacco. When I read about this smell, I thought that sounds like an interesting choice. Hector describes it as: ‘An alluring blend we dubbed, black raspberry stogie. It has a smooth musky scent but with the hint of sweet to mellow it out.’ And it smells great! Sweet, not overbearing in the jar or in the mop. It stays with you, non-pushy, nicely balanced. When you move, you’ll smell it on yourself.


My hair: I have medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair, medium length. Wear a contour.

My styling equipment: I use a boar hair brush, Denman brush, detangler (Tangle teezer) and Bixby comb. Use brushes most.

Application: damp hair, it diminishes my waves and makes working with it much more comfortable taking into account the waxy formula. 3 average scoops as usual do the job.

Scoop-ability: pomade comes out after a good push, it shears (top layer).

Breakdown: feels thick and waxy, not greasy, not dry or sticky. It becomes creamy after several rubs. Layer beneath is softer and easier to handle but this said the KO does not give issues at all to scoop and break down! Rubbing into the hair: there’s tension, a grippy sensation but nothing to worry about. You can spread it evenly alright.

Combing through: my Denman brush does a good job to get through with some resistance, slight tug and pull. Changing the hair’s direction to begin the contour and part: goes well. Got a clean part.

Control: KO provides you with some good control: bangs were slicked down facile and clean at once. My cowlick area was tamed after a few comb strokes. Slicking down the sides: good! Lifting my front was easy and clean: no waving at first. Great slickness. No strays.


Around medium. Shine did stay.


Medium hold according to the brewer. For me a straight medium. The KO permits my waves to show through but in a clean matter. This is also due to my shorter hair. It provides good hold and endures well. Hair stays together well without being sticky.

UPDATE: after a few weeks when my hair had grown, no issues with my waves coming through anymore.

I’m gonna try out heavier hold pomades from the Pompking line for I’m more of a firm user when it comes to vaseline based pomades.


As mentioned before, I ran through a little snow storm on day 1. Day 2: temperatures around 50° F (10° C), no physical labor, slightly sunny and a tad of wind. My hair did well in these circumstances.

No issues: oil based pomades are made for that! My comb slid through facile and kept its good medium strength.


Waxy, comfortable, manageable. Build up for me is adding water and tonic and a few licks and style. Didn’t experience any problems. Waves became much cleaner and straightened out as I applied it on wet hair.


Around 3 shampoos.


  • Pomps not dead, OG (original).
  • Pomps not dead, pompage.

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