Oil based pomades

Grand classic grooming co – heavy hold oil based pomade

The company 

Today I go back to Grand classic grooming co out of Australia! Jay Peters, the brewer offers all sorts of pomades with the grand classic as a main theme.

The pomade

Pomade I will be showcasing is Jay’s heavy oil based, a petro base. Quoting: ‘If you’re looking for a strong hold, high shine oil based pomade, our heavy delivers in spades. Through rain, hail or shine, rest easy knowing your hair will stay high and tight all day. Scoops out easily and has a buttery finish on breakdown, making it easy to work into the hair. Buildup is a key feature of this product, getting better with each day and requiring less product as the natural oils nourish your hair and scalp, and the waxes get to work in giving you the hold you desire. Our heavy hitter is our go-to choice for flattops, tight contours and pomps.’

The heavy is presented in a 100 g (3.5 oz) aluminum tin with screw lid to close it firmly for protection against humidity and dirt. Labels are stickers. On the front you will find the brand’s name and product type as well. At the rear: info on the pomade and brand, ingredients, hold and shine levels, directions for use. Pomade itself is light yellow.

Jay was so friendly to send me his heavy to test it out for a review! Thanks, Jay!

More info:

My profile

I have medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour. I use a boar hair brush, Denman brush, detangler (Tangle teezer) and Bixby comb. Use brushes most.


Petrolatum, Natural Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Fragrance.

Seeing several waxes in the front and some lanolin predicts it’s gonna have some good strength. Jay also added healthy oils and butters. In fact, every ingredient in there is good for hair and skin. The fragrance oils serve the nose.


Sandalwood, cedarwood with base notes of jasmine and violet. It smells clean and masculine, sort of cologne with old-fashioned, classic notes. Opening the tin, you get a not overly strong and well-balanced aroma. I do like it. Once it is in the hair, you’ll notice subtle, clean whiffs from time to time. It won’t interfere with your cologne.

Application – styling process

Application: I always damp my hair. It softens the waves and makes styling much more comfortable. 3 average licks is what I need.

Scoop-ability: there’s tension on the top layer of the pomade. It is softer beneath. But for a heavy: no hassle at all: no fingernail or hair dryer required.

Breakdown: the pomade feels thick, sticky, waxy, but not too waxy. It breaks down into a creamy texture with no much of a stickiness anymore. It’s not greasy and not dry either. I had a few little clumps of wax that were easy to melt between the palms (this applies to the top layer only).

Bringing in the hair: a slight, innocent tension. Disperses easily throughout the mane.

Slicking back: experienced some slight resistance combing with my trusted Denman brush. It’s not an issue to switch the hair’s direction and making a clean part.

Control: all the hairs stayed down within a few seconds. Don’t think of a waxy, rough product pushing the bangs into the desired direction as some heavies do. Jay reached a great balance between good strength and comfortable styling. My cowlick was pretty easy to tame. Sides were slicked down well. This pomade does not feel dry at all and therefore no stray hairs but instead of that: an agreeable slickness. My waves were gone and the front was nicely and easy to lift.

Weight: light-medium that provides good volume and height.

Styling time: rather quick. My hair is shorter and sticks up at some areas and this takes some time to deal with but it is nothing you can blame the pomade for.

Initial result: my mop looked great = non-blocky, clean, neat, good height.

Results after 30′: no sagging, no strays, everything held in place perfectly!


4 out of 5 according to the tin’s info. That’s a high score for a heavy. To me it’s around medium, a bit less if you compare it to Goon grease from Lockhart’s. The sheen persisted.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

5 out of 5, it says on the tin or heavy hold. In my bangs: a firm with the advantages of a medium. It works really well for me, just the right amount of slickness and hold. My hair kept stayed put the whole day! No sag or splits, nearly no loose hairs; it laid as good as in the morning, period! Circumstances I was in: no heavy-duty, temperatures around 50, not much of a wind, no sun, rainy and a little rain on my bangs.


For it is oil based, easy to restyle during the day. You can comb through without ripping out hairs and nearly no loss of the great hold.

Build up

For me build up is: adding water and tonic on top, without washing the hair every day. What I sensed was a clean and manageable build up. Hold was yet great on day 1.

Washing out

3-4 rounds of shampoo for it’s oil/petro based. It all depends on your hair type, type of shampoo and the amount of build up in the hair. My hair felt good afterwards due to the nourishing content. Wanna have some info on degreasing:

Similar pomades

  • Lockhart’s Goon grease: good hold, good shine and easiness to style with.
  • Big slick, heavy hold oil based.
  • Tremolo’s Ace’s high, heavy hold oil based.
  • Quixote, heavy hold oil based.
  • Be strong, heavy hold oil based.


Jay created an overall balanced, well refined heavy strength pomade! I dig it a lot! On top of that, it’s filled with conditioning ingredients. Jay describes his pomade (in ‘the pomade’ section) in a manner that is consistent with reality in my opinion. Great job, Jay! Ladies and gentlemen, a highly recommended pomade.


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –

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