Lucky tiger, cru-butch – medium hold oil based pomade

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch & Control Wax 3.5oz - Buy Online in Aruba ...


The history of Lucky tiger

The story of Lucky tiger has been handed down from generation to generation. As it is now told, the Lucky tiger legend began in the 1920’s, in Kansas City, Missouri, in the basement of Benjamin Clarke, an amateur scientist and one heck of a barber! Ben created a tonic for the hair and scalp that was different and better than any other product in his day and called it ‘Lucky tiger tonic.’ Everyone who visited Ben’s Barbershop got the royal treatment: a shave, a haircut and a generous splash of Lucky tiger tonic. As the popularity of Lucky tiger tonic grew, Ben began to sell it out of his shop but people heard far and wide and wanted to get it outside of Missouri.

In 1935, Lucky tiger was trademarked and an iconic American brand was officially born. As Lucky tiger’s popularity and product reputation spread, barbers across America began using and selling the entire range of Lucky tiger products: shaving creams, mustache waxes, shampoos, hair dressings, hair tonics, hair waxes, face cleansers, skin astringents, face lotions, cleansing masks, acne preparations and tooth whitening powders. In the coming years Lucky tiger became the most popular brand of men’s grooming and barbershop products in America.

The coming decades were a great time for Lucky tiger. But in 1964, a visit from four guys from Liverpool, England changed pop culture and young America overnight. When the Beatles hit our shores and men’s hairstyles and the barber industry were forever changed. Despite radical changes in men’s fashions and tastes, Lucky tiger maintained a fierce and loyal following in the barbershop industry and shave enthusiasts.

Lucky tiger today

Throughout the years Lucky tiger has leaned on its heritage and learned from the past. As time went on Lucky tiger expanded its products to include premium products for home use. As men look for products to round out their grooming, they can count on Lucky tiger to provide the ultimate products and a top quality grooming experience. After all, Lucky tiger has been around for decades perfecting the products and keeping men happy and looking great.

Now from their headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lucky tiger looks to provide men with the best products every time. Lucky tiger believes that a man can do anything with the right look and when he feels his best. Lucky tiger knows classic isn’t back … , it never went away!

Source: Lucky tiger’s website.


Lucky tiger’s cru-butch control wax is an oil based pomade with medium hold. Butch is derived from the ‘butch cut’, a type of haircut in which the hair on the top of the head is cut short in every dimension. Cru-butch control wax belongs to the era dating from the 1930’s. Comes in a transparent, plastic jar with black plastic twist lid. Labeling: old school stickers, nothing fancy but with a nice simplicity! What info’s on there? Lucky tiger, cru-butch control wax for short styled haircuts, image of the (lucky) tiger, a face, since 1935, 3.5 oz (99 g), ‘have a lucky day’, the distributor, bar code, explanation on cru-butch, how to use, ingredients.

This is how it looked back in the 30’s:

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch Hair Wax, 1958 | Roadsidepictures | Flickr

Cru-butch exists as a stick as well. Just rub the stick through the hair. No issues getting greasy hands.

LUCKY TIGER Cru-Butch Control Wax Stick 1.5oz/43ml by Lucky Tiger ...


Petrolatum, microcrystalline wax, D&C red No 17.

  • Basic, old school formula.
  • With the exception of the petrolatum, no oils to nurture your hair, skin and scalp. Just the product as a styling aid.
  • D&C red No 17: the pomade’s pink dye.


No fragrance present. You catch a very light odor of the petrolatum. You can decide on wearing every cologne you want when using CB.


My hair type: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair, medium length. I wear a contour.

My styling equipment: Denman brush D3, Bixby comb and a boar brush.

Application: put 3 decent scoops in damp hair. Damp helps to relax my waves and styling will be more fluent.

Scooping: no hard top, comes out right away.

Breakdown: easy into a light waxy/vaseline creaminess. No wax residue is left behind on the hands. Not much of a stickiness, no greasiness, no dryness.

Working in: mild tension. Provides good grip at once. Even distribution goes well.

Combing back: you’ll notice a pretty amount of resistance. Combing to the side: some resistance.

Control: slick, easy and smooth. My hair was laid down after one brush stroke and it remained. Sides: a bit puffy, not slicked down to the head very tightly but nice and neat. Cowlick area: well tamed. Height of the front: above average. My waves did not appear. No stray hairs, flyaways or splits. Styling went easy and quick. Great!

Hold: a medium hold is what it was meant to be. For me: a straight medium. Although intended for shorter styles, I obtained a great hairdo without the aid of any build up.


Medium in my hair. Became even a bit shinier throughout the day as it softened up throughout my day.


Temperatures of 24° C (75° F), a lot of sun, sweaty weather, no wind, my usual walks, nothing strenuous. CB softened up, became greasier, lighter weight, turning into a medium-light. My hair sagged a tad, a few light waves, a few strays, no splits. Overall: hair held alright, still some neat shape. In terms of endurance, CB is not a winner but that isn’t its main goal. This product is still intended for shorter hair styles.


Restyling is key for oil based pomades. More waves present after the restyle, less clean look.


Don’t wash my hair on a daily base. Build up for me: water, tonic and 2 scoops to revive everything. Easy to work with build up on the greasier side.


The ease of wash-ability is different for everybody. A couple washes are needed to get all out.


  • Dax, green and gold.
  • Dax, neat waves.
  • High life, voodoo island.

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