Daimon barber, remedy wax – medium hold oil based pomade

Daimon Barber Remedy Wax 100 gr. - Pomade - Haarstyling


Daimon barber is a grooming brand out of the United Kingdom (London).

DB on their company:

A modern man never stops learning. Changing and adapting to new things, technologies, styles and skills. He prioritises wellbeing, integrity and common values. He understands that everyone wants to feel good in their own skin. We understand the modern man and more importantly, we understand his needs. Daimon Barber champions men who have their own style, helping to achieve the best version of you. For those that want to use the most innovative products that are plant based and science led, with sustainability at the heart. A range of products that really work, supported by testing, trials and a fast growing following of happy customers. We work with UK based companies to ethically source the best ingredients, from the best suppliers and to ensure we have a fully trackable supply chain.

More info: https://www.daimonbarber.co.uk/

I post a link to a review on their classic pomade (formerly: Daimon barber N°2): https://piw74.com/2020/05/15/daimon-barber-classic-pomade-medium-hold-oil-based-pomade/


DB’s remedy wax. RW is DB’s take on an all natural, medium holding wax/pomade. Base is a wax: (remedy) wax. I used the term ‘oil based’ in the title as that’s how we call all wax and petrolatum based pomades to avoid confusion. Previous name RW: ‘Daimon barber N°3’. As pointed out in my previous DB review, this brand stands out for producing high quality products. They are pricey.

The remedy wax pomade is poured into a nice dark red glass jar with a content of 3.5 oz (100 g). The glass jar feels really robust in the hands. Design looks professional plus very clean and is the same for all of their styling products. Pomade’s info is printed on transparent stickers in both English and French*. The jar consists of a twist top lid with the co’s designation, DB logo, pomade type, hold and shine level. On the jar itself: the brand’s name, type of pomade, content, DB logo, a professional grade hair styling product with quality oils, the address + website, a light-medium hold with high shine, oil based, the hair styles you can achieve, easy wash, 100% vegan, made in England and use before. Bottom side: sticker of the ingredients, bar code, recycling info. Pomade looks natural, with a light beige tint.

*French, to reach more people: neighboring countries Belgium, France have residents who speak French. Further away: Switzerland, Canada. Hence, I suppose.

Why is it called: ‘remedy wax’? DB explains, I summarize:

Our remedy wax is the most unique and versatile product in the range:

  • 100% vegan.
  • Made from premium natural plant wax. 
  • Can be used to add texture and control, as well as in classic styling situations. 
  • Its many benefits include: hair hydration and moisture retention as well as scalp cleansing. 


PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, jojoba seed oil, argan oil, bergamot fruit oil, fragrance.

  • The ingredients listed here, are the ones from the jar (minus the Latin). They differ from the DB website.
  • Hydrogenated castor oil: or castor wax. The castor oil undergoes a process that makes it solid at room temperature: becomes a wax.
  • PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil: derivatives of hydrogenated castor oil. Functions as a surfactant, a solubilizer, an emulsifier, an emollient, a cleansing agent and a fragrance ingredient when added to cosmetics. In the RW, it acts as an emulsifier among other things. Emulsifiers bind water, oils and waxes together. Reaction with water: they dissolve, rinses out easier.
  • Hydrogenated soybean oil: or soy wax. The soybean oil gets solid at room temperature by hydrogenation: becomes a wax.


DB’s description: scented with cucumber and bergamot for a quintessentially English, fresh note. The cucumber oil isn’t on the ingredients list on the jar. How is the scent? In the jar: catch the citrus notes of the bergamot and another note, cucumber I guess. Notice a slight vinegar note. Tart smell. In the hair: nearly unnoticeable. Not a fan at all. Their other scents do better.


Hair type: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair, medium length. I wear a contour.

Styling equipment: Denman brush D3, Bixby comb and a boar brush.

Application: 4 licks into damp hair. Damp means: better management of my waves and easier styling. 4 licks: a medium on the lighter side, asks for more product.

Scooping: keep in mind, RW is a natural pomade and those types are harder to scoop out due to the absence of petrolatum. Its top layer is hard, waxy. Push, it comes out ribonning. No fingernail needed to get through. Big plus for a natural pomade.

Breakdown: emulsifying between the hands goes easy. Waxy first, then creamy, oily with a shiny look and feel, but not greasy. Not a sticky product. No beads or crumbling as with many other natural pomades, its consistency remains together very well.

Working in: minimal tension. Easy to distribute pomade.

Combing back: little resistance. Combing to the side: little tension here.

Control: RW is not a waxy but a smooth, slick pomade to work with. Lays down and keeps down the mane alright. Manages my cowlick well. Sides: tucked away nicely. Front: easy to lift, waves show up slightly. No flyaways, splits.


High shine is what they claim it to be. Medium in my mop. Sheen stays.


It all gets a bit confusing here. On the lid, they print: light hold. On the jar: light/medium and elsewhere: medium hold. The company must clear that out. This pomade acts as a light medium in my bangs.


Keeping into account, my hair hasn’t be cut for 2 months due the coronavirus. And since we talk about a light medium, endurance is not the main goal here. What tests this was subjected to? Temperatures of 65°F (18°C), sunny, not much of a wind, little sweating, no heavy-duty (except for a few walks). The hair sagged, more waves, some splits. But having said this: RW medium-light does alright to keep the general shape sufficiently clean.


Restyling is key for an oil based. Lost of hold: more waves, messier outlook.


Don’t wash my hair on a daily base. Build up for me: water, tonic and 2 scoops to revive everything. Build up is clean and easy to work with.

Warning: people who like washing their hair, do not overdo with shampoo. Best use water only. RW comes out easy and leaves you with little build up.

Build up improves hold using it on consecutive days but it is not the pomade for my wavy hair.


Ease of wash-ability is different for everybody. DB remedy wax washes out easier than other oil based pomades.

The remedy wax is also a good alternative to aid removing build up from other pomades.


  • The mail room barber X (light).
  • The mail room barber XX (medium).
  • The mail room barber, Nolde forest.
  • O’Douds light.
  • O’Douds medium.

Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OilBasedPomadeEnthusiasts/


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