Ghost town, louche grease – medium oil based pomade : Ghost Town Pomade Co Louche Grease 3.5oz : Beauty


Ghost town pomade, louche grease is a handmade pomade, brewed by Edo Saler out of Oakland, CA. Because there are so few reviews on this pomade, I got the idea to make a written review.

I’m not sure whether Ghost town pomade is still in business. The info below dates from 2019.

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Edo Saler’s medium hold is called: Ghost town, ‘Louche’ grease. Louche means: ‘slightly immoral, often in a way that is attractive’. This invites to explore. The pomade contains 3.5 oz (100 g) poured into a tin with stickers on both sides. Design is definitely done very well: clean, clear, professional and very classy with its black background and silver cursive fonts. The packaging matches the louche theme perfectly. Information you find on the front: medium hold, the co’s designation, place where it is brewed. On the flip side: directions, the ingredients and a definition of ‘louche’, a barcode and the website (not online anymore). Pomade has an off-white tinge.


Paraffinum liquidum, microcrystalline wax, lanolin wax, lanolin, soybean oil, bergamot essential fruit oil, fragrance.

  • Paraffinum Liquidum or mineral oil. Louche is a legit oil based. The mineral oil and micro(crystalline) wax are both derived from petrolatum.
  • Edo’s pomade was brewed in an era in which brewers were trying out new ideas regarding to brewing and ingredients; that is noticeable here. The use of mineral oil as a base (not very common), lanolin wax and soybean oil. At the same time he did not let go the connection with the old-fashioned, classic pomades of the 20s-50s.


Clean, floral, wood bergamot. The scent intensity is modest. Doesn’t bother me for I dislike too prominent fragrances.


My hair type: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair, medium length. I wear a contour.

My styling equipment: Denman brush D3, Bixby comb and a boar brush.

Application: to damp hair. 3 licks on top of freshly washed hair.

Scooping: top layer is not hard. One push and scoop.

Breakdown: feels thick, stiff, waxy, no clumps. Becomes somewhat creamy. No sticky or greasy sensation, not dry.

Working in: some tug but nothing to worry about. Distributes pretty good.

Combing back: noticeable grip. Didn’t pull out hairs or break any. Switching the comb’s direction to the side went alright. It feels stiff.

Control: comes with a grip that is waxy, stiff and solid, as said before. The waxiness is not the one forcing the hair into any model with strays and hair popping out afterwards, no. Its waxiness is balanced to lay down and keep down the mane you want it, creating good shape and height while managing the cowlicks. Sides slicked down nicely. Straightens the waves okay. Styling went well.


No sheen level given. Has a nice medium shine although being a firmer pomade. Shine stayed the whole day.


Edo speaks about a medium hold. My opinion: leaning towards a firm hold due to the stiffness. Provides a solid, safe hold: don’t be scared the mane falling out of place.


Kept my hair okay in shape on the first day. Had to deal with some strays, a few splits, slight waves (sag). Circumstances: temperatures of 65°F (18°C), a few walks in the sun.


Oil based, therefore restyleable. The hair even gets better after doing that!


Don’t wash my hair on a daily base. Build up for me: water, tonic and 2 scoops to revive everything. Provides good build up properties: stiff, solid and workable. Good endurance on day 2.


The ease of wash-ability is different for everybody. A few showers and it’s all out.


Daimon barber, classic pomade.

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