Stickmore – medium hold oil based pomade

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Stickmore hair co is a grooming company out of California. The minds behind it are Jacob Giverink and Cyrus Malekzadeh. These guys wished to formulate a good medium made out of a few ingredients like the old-fashioned pomades. After lots of sweating and testing, they acquired their gem. The execution of the Stickmore ob lies in the hands of the ‘Precious Cosmetics’ lab from New Jersey, it is not brewed at home.

Take a look at their website for more products and information:


The Stickmore oil based pomade is a medium oil based. It’s presented in an aluminum tin with screw lid. On the lid, you’ll see a dark red sticker with gold lettering. Label info: type of pomade: oil based, the Stickmore owl logo, the company’s name, ingredients, content (4 oz/113 g) and the website. The labeling is a bit busy. Like this design. At the bottom side, you’ll find info about the lab where it is fabricated. The oil based pomade is white.


Beeswax, USP petroleum, castor oil, fragrance.

  • A concise list of ingredients like the pomades made in the 30s-50s. Will it style as ‘difficult’ as some of these? The answer is: no.
  • What is: USP petroleum? This is the cosmetic graded petrolatum (vaseline) and therefore safe to use.


They call it: Stickmore original. This stands for a manly cologne. Smells fresh, catch some very subtle citrus notes, really clean and non-pushy. Really dig it! Quite subtle in the tin. In my hair: agreeable, whiffs come and go. It would have been a great cologne on itself if it were stronger.


My hair type: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair, medium length. I wear a contour.

My styling equipment: Denman brush D3, Bixby comb and a boar brush.

Application: always damp hair for me: the waves disappear and eases styling. 3 decent licks is what I used in freshly washed hair as this is a medium.

Scooping: comes out easy.

Breakdown: feels somewhat waxy (being a wax based) and a bit sticky (due to the castor oil and petrolatum).

Working in: hassle free. You can experience some grip but nothing out of the ordinary for a medium strength pomade. Disperses carefree.

Combing back: slight tug and pull. Switching the direction of the bangs to the side goes well. You won’t loose hairs or break them.

Control: for its not overly waxy and because of the sticky nature, the hair obeys to the strokes of the combs/brushes very well and keeps everything together and held down. Even my cowlick did well. Styling my front went very good: no waviness and a proper height. Sides: slicked down nicely. Stickmore ob translates itself into a smooth and slick product.


Advertised having a medium shine. Yes, that’s correct. Shine will stay. Comes out super nice in the sunlight.


Designated to be a medium hold. In my mane it acts more of a medium toward the firm side. This has good hold for me.


I tested it in different temperatures, on different days and it held up good mostly. If it gets hot, you’ll need a heavier pomade. My hair kept shape and my waves were straightened out sufficient. No bothersome straying or splitting. No sagging.


Oil based = restyling is key. Some touch ups sufficed.


I don’t wash my hair on a daily base. Build up for me: water, tonic and 2 scoops to revive everything. A clean and workable build up.


The washing out process is different for everybody. A few washes and it’s rinsed out completely.


  • Grandad’s old fashioned medium.
  • Lockhart’s medium.
  • The classics pomade.

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