Oil based pomades

Apeldoorns vet – heavy hold oil based pomade

The company

‘Apeldoorns vet’ or in English: ‘grease from Apeldoorn’ is a pomade brand out of The Netherlands, Apeldoorn. Brewer is Klaas Reinders. He first came with a medium hold oil based which he reformulated to be a solid medium. Now there’s a heavy as well.

Klaas loves the rock and roll era from the fifties. He plays in a band and wears a classic pomp. He’s the dude on the photo from the jar and an enthusiastic greaser. It all began as a hobby and after experimenting with the formula for a year, he presented it to the Dutch pomade collective group and then began selling it (January 2017).

I’m from Belgium which is a neigbor of The Netherlands, and we talk Dutch as well. I know Klaas from the mentioned Dutch pomade collective group and decided to help him out to launch his brand, by purchasing one myself and made a review on it. He kindly sent me the heavy to try it out. Thanks, Klaas!

More info:

The pomade

Klaas uses 3.5 oz (100 g) tins with a sticker on top and screw top lids. You’ll read: the brand’s name, Klaas’ face and the hold type is printed there. Klaas told me once he will change the design in the future: better reading by changing the color of the letters. The pomade inside is yellow.

My profile

My hair: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour. Styling equipment: air motion (tangle-free) brush, Bixby comb and sometimes: a boar hair brush.


Beeswax, Petrolatum, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Fragrance.


Vanilla-coconut. The vanilla note is most prominent. I like this scent. It is quite strong in
the tin but subtle once it’s in the hair. Didn’t catch many breezes throughout the
day. I just don’t prefer lingering aroma’s, thus glad about this scent intensity.

Application – styling process

Application: 3 average licks into damp hair. Damp works better for my waves and reduces the amount of tugging and pulling.

Scooping out: tapping on the surface makes it clear this will be a strong pomade. But no fingernail needed. A good push and you’re through the top layer. Beneath that top, it is softer.

Breakdown: not difficult. Just rub thoroughly a few times and it becomes sort of waxy cream in the hands. The pomade isn’t sticky or dry and not overly waxy. No beads of wax present.

Working in: there’s a slight amount of tension. Apeldoorns vet coats the hair evenly easily.

Combing back: I always use my air motion brush, a brush to minimize tug to nearly zero. Combing through with another brush or comb will give some resistance that we are used from heavier pomades but no ripping out of the bangs, don’t worry. Switching the direction of the mop gives some slight tension. Making a clean part: no problems.

Control: it is able to lay down the hairs pretty nicely. Although on the heavier side, not that much of a waxy feel that pushes the hairs into a direction and let them jump out because of the brute control. No, it works really comfortable. My waves ware straightened out for the biggest part, my cowlick area okay after a few recombs (always the case) and I got a nice lifted contour. No strays. This pomade provides enough slickness to style workable and everything stays together very well although not being a sticky one.

Weight: light-medium. You’re able to achieve nice height and volume.

Styling time: average. The first time I used it my hair was too wet and this prolonged styling time but kept everything together without issues! The next days styling went quicker.

Initial results: clean, neat, nice round shape and good height.

Results after 30 minutes: nothing had moved. No strays, splits or sagging.


A few notches below medium. Nice luster in the sunshine. This shine didn’t fade out.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

Described to be more of a heavy hold. To me: around a firm. Apeldoorns vet is a pomade that does its work very well, it provides me with enough hold. The pomade underwent: temperatures around 70, sunny times, some wind, some sweating. The hair didn’t move. A few touch ups were the only things I had to deal with.


No problem since this is an oil based. It keeps good hold after combing it through.

Build up

I always add pomade on damp hair with tonic. It gives a clean feel. Manageable the next days and a bit increase of strength to a legit firm.

Wash out

3-4 showers and it’s all out. The hair feels soft afterwards. As described above, Klaas uses 3 oils to give the hair and scalp the extra health kick on top of being greased up.


Klaas, I like it! It has good hold, styles well, styles easy and has some good endurance. Keep on brewing, dude!


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