Oil based pomades

Prodigal pomade co – medium/firm oil based pomade

The company

Today I’m going to have another look at an American grooming company: Prodigal pomade co. This company offers handcrafted pomades. The brewer behind Prodigal pomade co is Chris Young from California. Chris started his brand in 2017 and has made 2 pomades so far: a medium-firm and heavy.

Update 2020: Chris brews the medium-firm only.

More info –

The pomade

I will be reviewing Prodigal’s medium-firm oil based: a petrolatum base. The 4 oz amber glass jar has a solid paper sticker around it with some nice, clean, well done design: a yellowish-dark gray color pattern that looks very professional plus inviting. It has a black, plastic screw top lid with a small lid inside which closes off the jar for extra protection. Spinning it around, you read: the brand’s name, handcrafted/small batches, established year 2017, 2 spaces to write down the scent and hold, the ingredients list and where to find it on Facebook. Triangular figures in the same yellow-dark gray, starting on both sides from the brand’s name make it look even more fantastic and classic. The pomade inside is white.

My profile

My hair: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour. Styling equipment: air motion (tangle-free) brush, Bixby comb and sometimes: a boar hair brush.


Petrolatum, Beeswax, Microcrystalline Wax, Coconut Oil, Shea Glycerides, Castor Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Fragrances, Vitamin E Oil.

Prodigal pomade co shows a modern take on the classic pomade. It is full of nurturing ingredients for a healthy scalp and hair. I really dig that!

A few ingredients explained:

  • Shea glycerides: composed of the glycerides of vegetable fat extracted from the fruit of the Shea tree. Can be used as regular shea butter or as an emulsifier. It provides a soothing, rapidly-absorbing non-greasy feeling to the skin and natural conditioning on the hair. It helps to wash out the pomade easier.
  • Hemp seed oil: this oil is very good for the hair. It makes it look thicker, promotes growth and prevents hair loss.


Chris calls it: ‘the cut’. It is his take on a barbershop scent, made out of quality fragrance oils. Sniffing in the jar: absolutely fresh, clean, manly, cologne alike and a tad soapy. In the hair: it will follow you in a not overpowering way. You can use it as a stand-alone cologne. It faints a bit during the day but you will be catching pleasant breezes. I got compliments smelling fresh. On the second day, I did notice more of a citrus cologne alike note. I like the scent.

Application – styling process

Application: always damp hair for me: no struggle with the waves and easier interaction hair-pomade. 3.5 moderate sized licks suffice.

Scooping out: no pressure needed to get it out. No hard top layer.

Breakdown: feels slightly waxy, not dry, not greasy. It breaks down easy after a few thorough rubs. No beads of wax. 

Working in: no big amount of tension working it in. It’s facile to disperse evenly. Switching the mane’s direction to the side + to part: slight tension.

Combing back: use my air motion brush, this one aids to reduce tug and pull to a minimum. Other styling equipment will get the job done facile as well. 

Control: Prodigal lays down the hairs immediately. It’s slick, so no strays or dry feeling, hairs falling apart. It tamed my waves very well and lifted my contour easily. I got a nice shape, clean and neat hair do. My cowlicks weren’t struggling with the pomade. 

Weight: around light. It becomes a real lightweight after a while. My hair had a somewhat looser/airy feel but without falling out of place. Pomade offers some proper height/volume.

Styling time: rather fast. Slick and smooth, comfortable to use.

Initial results: my hair looked very well: clean, good shape. Great!

Results after 30 minutes: nothing had changed: no stray hairs, no splits, no sagging.


For me: a few steps below medium. The sheen didn’t disappear during the day.

Strength vs circumstances

Chris describes it as a solid medium, a medium-firm. I second that. I tested it in relatively hot weather: around 80, a trip per bike, windy, lots of sweating. Just one stray of hair was out of place, the rest was still intact! It endures well for a solid medium.


As it is an oil based, restyling is key. No hassle (tension) to restyle. It held its good hold with a tad of waving.

Build up

Clean, manageable. I don’t build up washing or rinsing. Just add water and tonic, then a few licks of pomade and start off styling.

Wash out

Around 3 times with shampoo. The hair feels healthy afterwards.


Chris made a well-balanced pomade: slick, good hold and endurance, easy to manage product. You get a pomade filled with healthy oils and butter for that extra kick. Well done! Pick up a jar, otherwise you’re missing out.


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –

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