Hull’s original – firm hold oil based pomade

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The company

Hull’s original is a grooming company based out of Pennsylvania, established in 2018 by brewer Garrett Hull. The brewer’s handmade pomades are made in small batches to offer the highest quality possible. He offers hair tonic as well.

More info:

The pomade

Hull’s original is a firm (strong) hold pomade, micro wax based. It is vegan. The 2 oz tins have a twist top lid and look cute. I suppose the brewer will bring out bigger tins in the near future. He plans on having a limited run of 4 oz tins soon, followed up by a permanent increase from 2.5 oz to 3/3.5 oz tins. Overall design is old school: red/white color scheme with retro lettering. I really dig his approach. On the front you come across the co’s name, name of the scent, made in the USA, amount of pomade, est. 2018 and hold type. On the backside: the brand’s name, ingredients list, hold + shine levels plus the co’s address. Pomade inside is white.

My profile

My hair: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour. Styling equipment: air motion (tangle-free) brush, Bixby comb and sometimes: a boar hair brush.


Microcrystalline Wax, Petrolatum, Castor Oil, Fragrance Oils.

Hull’s original firm hold consists of a few, classic era inspired ingredients: wax, oil and fragrance.


I picked up the tobacco vanilla one: this is a favorite of many costumers according to Garrett. Scent in the jar: sweet, rich but non-abrasive, cologne alike. I catch the vanilla sweetness mostly with a modest undertone of tobacco. Don’t imagine it smells like a cigarette or a cigar, no. Although being sweet, it is a masculine smell. In the hair: well-balanced breezes that come by from time to time. Hull’s original smells agreeable and matches the intention of making a classic pomade. Other scents you van opt for are: classic barbershop and whiskey rebellion.

Application – styling process

Application: damp hair for me (wave control, facilitates styling), 3 normal sized scoops into the bangs.

Scooping out: scoops out right away without any trouble. 

Breakdown: breaks down in a few seconds, becoming a waxy substance. Feels a tad sticky, not dry plus not overly greasy.

Working in: slight amount of resistance noticeable. The Hull’s pomade is easy to spread throughout the hair. Changing the mop’s direction to make a part gave me no issues.

Combing back: there is a slight tension. I use an air motion brush which allows to style with minimal tug and pull. Using some other sort of brush or comb won’t be a hassle at all.

Control: good. Hull’s is not overly waxy, it provides a smoothness and stickiness that holds the mane together very well and tight without stray hairs. It laid down my cowlicks quick and well. Forming my contour: had some troubles to keep my waves in control, therefore I had to restyle several times. If you want your waves showing through in a natural but clean way, this is a good one. Hair shape: clean, non-blocky shape. Overall performance: comfortable to style with.

Weight: light-medium = proper height/volume obtainable. It became more of a lightweight throughout the day.

Styling time: average. Only issue I encountered were my waves in the front. This took me more time.

Initial results: hair held together well.

Results after 30 minutes: no sag, loose hairs or splits, no more waves = minimal touch ups.


Shine level on the jar: 3 out of 5. In my hair it has some decent shine for a firm hold: around a medium. This shine level did not change throughout the day. Walking in the sun gives the hair great luster.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

Described as a firm (strong) hold or 4 out of 5 = the midway between a medium and heavy strength. For me: a medium for I have medium thick, wavy hair. What did Hull’s firm have to endure? Temperatures around 80, windy weather, bit of rain, slight sunshine, sweating. My hair was still perfect after a bike trip and a walk. Hope a heavy hold will follow.


No problems combing through. It keeps a good strength.

Build up

Build up to me: adding water and tonic, a few licks of pomade and then style. Build up feels clean and is workable the next days. My waves came through in a natural and clean way as the days before.

Wash out

About 3 washes with a deep cleansing shampoo. Normal thing for an oil based type.


Garrett Hull made a good, all classic pomade: easy style-ability, good control, good scent and great design. I suggest picking up a jar.


Interested in oil based pomades only? You can join our ‘Oil Based Pomade Enthusiasts’ Facebook group –


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