Templeton tonics, Summit – firm hold unorthodox water based pomade

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The company

Templeton tonics is a grooming company based out of Washington. It was started up by Chris Templeton.

Chris began as a brewer of hair tonics and gained lots of success through his talent as a passionate scent wizard.

Next, he began brewing pomades:

  • Compass: a medium hold unorthodox water based.
  • White wale: a firm hold petro jelly based pomade.
  • Summit: a firm hold unorthodox water based.
  • Atlas: a firm hold petro jelly based pomade.

The pomade

Quoting Chris: ‘Summit Pomade is a reliable, easy to work with pomade that will give you an all day hold while still remaining workable and soft in your hair. It’s a firm holding unorthodox water-based pomade with a creamy cheesecake-like consistency that makes for effortless scoop, breakdown and application. It’s a unique pomade and there’s nothing quite like it on the market, but you can expect a solid, firm hold and a medium shine from it. The conditioning ingredients will leave your hair feeling soft and nourished.’

Summit pomade comes in a 4 oz green plastic jar. Plastic is a sustainable choice: it won’t break by transport or when it falls. On the screw top lid you come across clean sticker labels with the company’s name, a compass + a mountain = Chris loves hiking, hence. The Summit logo on top makes it easy to grab it out of your collection quickly. On the sides you read the pomade’s name and the ingredients list.

More info:

My profile

My hair: medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour.
My styling equipment: boar hair brush, air motion brush (detangler) a and Bixby comb. Use brushes most.


Water, Candelilla Wax, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Polysorbate-60, Beeswax, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Liquid Germall Plus.

Explanation of a few ingredients:

  • Meadowfoam seed oil: the virgin oil contained within the seeds of the meadowfoam. Chris prefers using light oils. The meadowfoam seed oil absorbs well in the hair and skin and has great nurturing benefits.
  • Polysorbate-60: an emulsifier. This binds the water, oils, butters and waxes together. Makes it easier to rinse the pomade out of the hair too.
  • Liquid germall plus: a preservative, the pomade contains water.


Chris offers several options in this department. You can find these on his website/etsy, with the oils he used to compile it: nice given! I chose the Nomad scented Summit. Quoting Chris: ‘Nomad is made out of: spiced vanilla, oud, sandalwood, ambrette musk and incense notes. Nomad is the newest addition to my lineup of personally made fragrances. It conjures up dreams of somewhere exotic and somewhat magical. The sharp notes of spiced vanilla waft through the air, mingling with the haze of incensed cedar and myrrh. Balsamic notes of oud and sandalwood form a fine, aged woods base, and are mellowed out by the sweet musk of ambrette. Unique and welcoming, Nomad is a fragrance I’m very proud of.’

The nomad smells not very tart in the jar. It’s rather complex, smells manly and not an easy one to describe exactly; you just have to sniff it yourself. In the hair it smells subtle. Didn’t notice it much anymore, just a few modest whiffs now and then. I’m not fond of the nomad scent but as mentioned before, there are other options to choose from: a big plus!

Application – styling process
Note: this is a water based pomade, so be aware to go in the jar with clean and dry hands. Keep out hairs and other possible dirt. There is a preservative to preserve it but being careful prolongs shelf life.

Application: 3 decent licks in slightly damp hair. Damp for me: better management of my waves and easier to apply and style.

Scooping out: no issues. Dive into Summit and it comes out like nothing.

Breakdown: rubbing gently is enough to break it down. It’s a creamy consistency reminiscent of Anchors aweigh’s Teddy Boy original. It is not a sticky product, does not feel dry, is not greasy and there’s a good amount of wax that makes it thicker and stronger than Teddy Boy original.

Working in: no tug or pull, very comfortable.

Combing back: tug-free experience.

Control: Summit provides some good control, it relaxes the hair. It is slick, lays down all the hairs at once. No problem with hairs popping out. Although not on the tacky/sticky side, it keeps everything together well and there are no stray hairs after a while. My cowlick area was easy to manage. The only issue I had with it, is it did not tame my waves well. It needs some time to settle to provide the good hold and control I need for my mane. Once it settled, my mop was much easier to undo from its waves and that was the moment I obtained some height and hold in that area. Applying on towel-dried/dry hair is a solution but I don’t like that because of my waves coming through. But seen its wet, creamy texture I can give this a try. Summit mimics an oil based (kind of petro sensation in the hair).

Weight: towards a lightweight, not airy. Didn’t obtain that much of a volume and height due to my wavy front.

Styling time: average. I lost time styling damp and waiting it to settle.

Initial results: looked not that clean due to my waves. Some like waves, I do not. I let it sit half an hour.

Results after 30 minutes: no sag, no loose hairs, no splits. I recombed, got better shape, better height and volume but still not the results I had hoped for.


Medium shine. Summit provides a nice sheen until the day ends. It reminds me of a petro oil based pomade again.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

On the label it says: medium hold. Kind of strange for Compass pomade was his medium water based. This is also described as a firm (strong) hold. Firm is the midway between medium and heavy for me. To me, Summit works as a medium and becomes more of a medium-strong after the settling process. It had to endure: sunny weather (80’s temperature), little efforts, some sweating, no wind, a few rain drops. My front collapsed and I had to restyle it a few times. For the rest: it has alright endurance. This is a great pomade for people with thinner, straighter hair than me or people digging their waves in a natural, looser manner. I prefer more power.


The first restyling improved my overall shape and diminished the waves. After more restyles, more waving going on and some lost of strength.

Build up

Build up for me: I don’t rinse my hair. Just add water and tonic plus 2 licks of pomade. Summit’s build up is clean and very comfortable to work with. I styled on dry hair and noticed not that much of a difference: a tad more hold, fewer waves. Waiting a few minutes before styling does help somewhat to get more height and fewer waves.

Wash out

For my hair: 2 washes. All depends on your hair type, the shampoo, amount of shampoo and build up. I experienced very soft, conditioned hair!

Similar pomade

Reminds me (consistency wise) of Anchors aweigh co: Teddy Boy original (OG), medium hold unorthodox water based. Teddy Boy has less hold.


Chris made a great pomade with conditioning benefits for hair and skin. Summit is slick, comfortable, easy to style with! No tug or pull, no hassle, period! But, I need more hold for my hair and I wish I didn’t need to wait for it to settle/firm up before styling.


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