Grand classic grooming co, Cream pomade – medium/firm hold unorthodox water based

The company

Today, it’s up to Grand classic grooming co to be reviewed. This Australian company is led by brewer Jay Peters. Jay offers different sorts of pomades with yes, the grand classic as a main theme.

Jay was kind to consign me this pomade to test out and review. Thanks, Jay for sending it to distant Belgium!

More info:

The pomade

Pomade I will be highlighting is the cream pomade, an unorthodox water based with a solid medium hold. Quoting Jay: ‘Pure performance pedigree. Just like the endurance racers of yesteryear, Grand Classic Grooming Co. have engineered this cream pomade to withstand the distance, leaving you with a race winning look. Our cream pomade formula is what is often referred to as an unorthodox water based pomade. It feels light in the hair, yet has unbridled hold characteristics while also retaining the ability to be restyled throughout the day. Incredibly smooth and creamy, it is a delight to scoop out and works into the hair with ease. A unique product and a fantastic alternative to traditional oil based pomades, with an equivalent hold and shine, yet washes out easily.’

The cream pomade is presented in a 100 g (3.5 oz) aluminum tin with screw lid to close it firmly and protect it against humidity and dirt. Labels are stickers. For it is made of aluminum, it won’t rust as a result of water in the formula. On the front you come across the company’s name and pomade type in the colors of the Gulf race livery. At the rear you find the ingredients, directions and other info on this brand/pomade. The cream pomade’s hue is off-whitish.

My profile

I have medium thick, wavy, somewhat unruly hair of medium length. Wear a contour. I use a boar hair brush, Denman brush, detangler (Tangle teezer) and a Bixby comb. Use brushes most.


Water, Emulsifying Wax, Natural Beeswax, Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Lanolin, Glycerine, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance.

= Jay makes use of a bunch of natural ingredients that conditions hair and scalp.

  • Macadamia oil is the non-volatile oil expressed from the nut meat of the macadamia tree, a native Australian nut. It is sometimes used as an emollient or fragrance fixative. And Jay makes use of his native sources! It’s the first time I encounter this oil in a pomade.
  • Preservatives are not mentioned, but they are in there since it is a water based: natural vitamin E and naticide.
  • Naticide is a vegetable origin fragrance with broad spectrum activity against bacteria gram-positive, bacteria gram-negative, moulds and yeasts. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other preservatives. Because it is technically a fragrance, a label claim of preservative-free is possible as can be listed as parfum or fragrance.


Bergamot and oud wood with base notes of sage and fir needle. Don’t catch much of the scent as it’s very subtle. When sniffing deeply, I got some freshness, manly aroma with a kind of soapy note. Not bad, not fond of it either. Subtle breezes came and went when I moved my head back and forth. It being so subtle isn’t an issue for me because I dislike prominent, lingering scents.

Application – styling process

Note: be aware to style with clean plus dry hands, this is a water base and molds, bacteria and yeasts can grow in there. Always remove hairs and other dirt out of the jar.

Application: to slightly damp hair. The brewer suggests applying it on dry or towel dry hair. It’s wise to follow these directions to get the best out of the pomade but more on that later.

Scooping out: 3 average licks as usual. Some resistance to get it out, in particular the top layer but nothing difficult at all, no fingernail tricks needed. This is a medium thus doable. Beneath the top layer it behaves softer = easier to scoop.

Breakdown: a few decent mixes between the palms. Break it down thoroughly as it gives white streaks. To avoid these, take small amounts at a time. Latter is something Jay also refers to in the directions. This white streaking will disappear when styling. The cream pomade feels a tiny dry at the start but when rubbing further, it becomes creamy and there won’t be a dry sensation anymore. You feel there’s a good amount of waxes in it and no greasiness or stickiness.

Putting in: styled damp and the pomade sort of slipped through my hair. I experienced grip after 2 licks but nothing out of the ordinary.

Combing back: there’s resistance to it going through with my Denman brush. Spreading evenly: facile. Changing direction of the bangs to part: slight tension. Parting itself: easy to create a clean part.

Control: the cream pomade is not that waxy and because of its creamy texture it slicked down every single hair without struggle. My sides were slicked down well, same for my cowlick area. I styled on damp hair and my hair started to wave (also due to shorter hair). Combing through several times made it drier and the waves kind of vanished for the biggest part. It’s necessary to style dry or towel dry due to its water base and the emulsifying wax. I got a sufficient clean front. It is a slick pomade and I didn’t have to fight with stray hairs at the start. These are things to take in consideration the next days.

Weight: more of a lightweight, borders on a light-medium. Provides decent volume/height.

Styling time: average. It’s pretty easy to work with.

Initial result: the mane looked clean and slick. I obtained some good height with it.

Results after 30′: because my hair was too damp, strays showed up after the water evaporated. No sag or splits wherever.


On the jar it says 3 out of 5 = a good medium shine. For me: a bit below medium. Stays like that.

Hold – endurance – circumstances

4 out of 5 = a firm/strong hold. Jay calls it a solid medium. To me: a medium. It softened up but that did not kill the strength. Endurance tested in rainy weather (umbrella protection), about 50° F, windy and no heavy-duty. The cream pomade provided some good endurance as promised by the brewer.


A few touch ups. Combs through like butter. Keeps a good hold, my waves broke free but in a clean and controlled manner.

Build up

Clean, soft, light. I just add water and tonic and it nearly felt I was washing it out. Don’t shampoo or the pomade will be (partially) gone. Very manageable. Hold climbs towards a solid medium when using on dry/towel dried hair.

Washing out

Easy to rinse: 1 or 2 washes with shampoo (depending on your hair type and shampoo, the amount that was in). This pomade is full of conditioning ingredients and as a result of that, the hair feels soft and healthy after it’s rinsed.

Similar pomades

  • Pomps not dead, The shape of pomp to come (medium hold, unorthodox water based), second and final batch.
  • Pomps not dead, The shape of pomp to come (medium-firm hold, unorthodox water based), first batch.


This is a well-made pomade in general. The thing I don’t like (personally): styling on damp hair doesn’t go well with it. Plus you have to wait until it stiffens before being able to work with it, without having to deal with waves.






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