Carter supply company, Sharp / high shine modern pomade – medium hold gel type

Company – product

Carter supply company is a grooming brand based out of New York. I’m gonna review their ‘Sharp’ pomade. This is a gel type, water based pomade with medium to firm hold and high shine.

‘Sharp is our take on a 1920s classic but with a modern twist. Let’s face it, pomade was invented nearly 100 years ago and a lot has changed since. We modernized our pomade by giving it a hand selected blend of ingredients that will not only style your hair but also keep it healthy too. Argan oil is a major component of our proprietary formula. This oil is proven to have an endless amount of benefits for your hair including conditioning, taming frizzy hair, and preventing hair loss.’

More info:

For the Europeans among us, you can order it from Moquer:

My hair profile

I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a boar hair brush, a Denman plus a detangler (Tangle teezer). During styling, I use brushes most.


The sharp pomade comes in a 2.71 oz glass jar (80 ml). Salon type outlook, clean, minimal but nothing enthralling of a design in my opinion. You’ll find some product info on the plastic screw top lid. Pomade itself has a glossy light blue hue.


I did not find an exact ingredients list (just owned a sample). Shortly: Carter supply co makes use of natural oils + waxes = all beneficial for the hair.

More info on key ingredients:


Manly, cologne, with somewhat soapy notes, clean and fresh, out of the shower scent. No overbearing smell in the jar or in the hair. Not that big of a fan of this smell personally.

Application process – result

Application: for me best to a slightly damp mop. How much? 3 scoops, average sized. Pomade comes out super easy plus breaks down easy as you can expect from this type of pomade. I came across a soft, not that thick, not sticky/tacky, somewhat wet consistency, leaning towards a classic hair gel. Distributing it evenly into the banks is again very easy without any tug and pull. Combing back: slight resistance (Denman brush). Switching the hair’s direction to part: very easy process. Overall styling with this product is very comfortable: no typical sticky or dry feel as with some gel types. Control wise: it followed well the strokes of the combs and laid down all the hairs at once. It managed my cowlick areas and waves greatly. No strays or flyaways, instead of that some good slickness for a gel type. Got some good height with proper volume and more of a lightweight sensation. Hairdo looked great, no blocky shape, no drying up/hardening during styling. After half an hour I looked back: a few loose hairs, no sag or splits, still clean and neat to go. Did not harden into a helmet, probably due to damper styling. It just settled softly: agreeable feel.


Provides you with a good medium shine. The manufacturer states it as ‘high shine’ to mimic the classic pomade. But unfortunately, the shine goes away but does not become matte.

Hold – endurance

Medium to firm according to the co. My thought: a medium keeping in mind I always style slightly damp. Drier styling will lift hold to that light firm/strong hold. Endurance: hair kept a good overall shape. I tested it in cold autumn weather (40° F), rain (protected by my umbrella) and some wind, no heavy-duty. The only tiny issue I got were some flyaways that were easy to fix. It has some good hold for being not that stiff and locking in so solid, as many orthodox types.


To revive the right amount of sheen and hold and ease style-ability adding some water is the best option.

Washing out

Since it is water-soluble, just water needed to remove. Hair feels good due to the nourishing components.

Hair, scalp issues



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