Grim grease – medium unorthodox water based pomade

Grim Grease Medium Hold Waterbased

Company – product

Grim grease pomade is a company based in California, handcrafted and owned by Francisco Esquivel. Francisco started to make pomade for himself but decided to share what he had created so others could enjoy it with him. Firstly he crafted a line of oil based pomades. After those, he came with a medium water based and next a heavy water based. The water based pomades are unorthodox, non-drying ones, no gel pomades. They come in different scents with related colors. Latter is a very interesting thing if you don’t wanna be limited to one scent. The ingredients lists are simple, straight to their goal to offer a good working pomade that’s brewed with love!

I’m going to review the medium water based with the cologne scent. Other scents in the medium range are: chocolate mint, dragon’s blood and green tea.

If you are more a fan of heavies: Francisco’s heavy is real heavy and exists in following scents (there are probably more): one million scent, mango, mango cedar wood, mango strawberry. Did not smell them but they sound like novelty smells.

Bonus: Francisco doing his hair –

More info:

My hair profile

I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a brush with wild boar hair, a Denman brush plus a wide tooth comb (detangler). During styling, I use brushes most. I also a tangle teezer. Wanna know more of the tangle teezer:


The pomade comes in a clear 4 oz glass jar. I ordered the travel/tester size (1 oz) to try it out. Greenish colored pomade.


Water, Beeswax, Soy Lecithin, Mineral Oil, Essential/Fragrance Oil, Borax, Love.


Fresh cologne scent. Scent is accessible: fresh, clean, not overbearing, a safe choice to try out the pomade. I just noticed a few subtle breezes throughout the day. Do not like very lingering aromas, so this is approved. Like the smell.

Application process – result

Before applying, clean and dry your hands. Dirt can cause the pomade to become moldy or a center of bacteria because of the water. After use: remove hairs out of the jar. This pomade contains components that aren’t real preservatives, but they prolong the durability. Preservatives are not mentioned here, but I suppose these are added. Being careful is always a good thing. Store it cool and dry. The cologne scent batch comes in a light blueish color. Hair won’t turn blue, no worries. The pomade’s top layer is soft and comes out without issues. Breakdown: some resistance, got a creamy, not tacky substance without wax beads. After a few rubs I put it into my hair and that went easy: no tugging at all. Dispersing evenly was no problem either. Blueish strays in the hair that vanished right away. After a few scoops I began to feel a good grip, not a real tugging one when combing the hair back. I scooped 3 1/2 scoops (normal size). Parting my hair: easy. It laid down my sides immediately. My cowlicks are the hassle part of the process, but they listened after using my boar brush a few times. Hair tended to wave a bit in the front. Strays: no. I obtained an alright hair height and an okay hair shape. After initial styling: no real changes as sagging or strays popping out. Styling with Grim grease water based was an easy, smooth job. I restyled the front after an hour and the waviness decreased. Hair got a much slicker and neater look and a more solid shape.


This pomade provided me a few notches above neutral shine on day one. On the second day I had some more shine. Sheen did not dull.

Hold – endurance

Labeled to be a medium-heavy. That’s what I experienced also, yes. I wish it were a bit stronger. The heavy hold is an option I consider trying. Hair kept its overall shape alright: experienced some sagging, some flyaways at the end of my day. Didn’t need to recomb the hair, just a few touch ups with my fingers on my front mostly. My waves didn’t worsen. Cowlicks, sides: intact, no splits. Has more of a medium weight feel in my hair providing not that much volume. Provides a good control. In terms of endurance, this pomade does an alright job. In what circumstances did I test it? It was a sunny day with temperatures around 70 and a bit of sweating. Had a good walk and a little bicycle trip. Hair staid soft, not that greasy or sticky when I touched it.


As mentioned, after the hair settled, I got much better results with it: more straightened waves, slicker look. Experienced the same thing the next day. Restyling wasn’t really necessary, just a few touch ups here and there. Restyling process tried out: no tug, hair kept its good hold.

Build up

Clean and waxy. Doesn’t improve the hold and endurance that much but as mentioned hold and endurance are good. Rinsed without shampoo and hair was very waxy and difficult to style: lots of tug. Recommendable to use a hair tonic to soften the build up.

Washing out

Around 2 washes depending on your hair type and how much pomade you used. Hair feels soft after the rinse.

Hair, scalp issues


Similar pomade

Flagship, Black ship heavy hold water based pomade.


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