Tazmaneian tame pomade, Heritage 1792 – heavy unorthodox water based

Tazmaneian Tame Heritage 1972 Water Based Pomade

Company – product

In 1792, Kentucky was founded and to celebrate it: Tazmaneian tame, heritage 1792 pomade came to life … .

By whom? By a new brewer in the ‘unorthodox’ or non-drying water based pomade field: Quenton Tazelaar out of Kentucky. Tazmaneian tame heritage 1792 is a handmade natural water based pomade in a medium and heavy hold. The one I’ll review, is the heavy.

I got it from the carrier: ‘Tame your beast’, Anthony Torfs from Belgium (Europe), where I come from too. Anthony sells hand brewed, high quality pomades and much more, mostly out of the USA. The photo I used is one from his shop.

More info:

My hair profile

I have medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a brush with wild boar hair, also a Denman brush plus a wide tooth comb to style my hair. During styling, I use brushes most. 


Jar is from glass: 4 oz and amber colored. The pomade has a light brown color at the top layer: this is the caramel, I suppose. My first impression was: this is a dessert, that color, aroma and that top layer texture. When you go deeper: sort of white-light and also light brown-beige color present.


Distilled Water, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Borax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils, Fragrance.

The company does not mention the preservative(s). Some brewers just don’t mark down these on the label but add them however.


Southern caramel and tobacco. Do not expect any cigar or cigarette aroma in the jar. Instead, there is sweetness. The scent is with me all day long: agreeable whiffs, not overbearing, not bothering. People will smell, they will give compliments, they’ll call it vanilla. Where you are, the scent is too. The days after, on a build up: fewer whiffs of it. When you don’t love this prominent fragrance, this could be an issue. But!! Quenton has solved this. If you order from his site, you can choose for an unscented one. Latter option is also great for people with allergies or sensitivity to scents. And on the other hand, being a big fan of the scent and you cannot get enough of it: there’s the extra scent option! Thus, something for everyone.

Application process – result

Please take always notice to style with clean, dry hands because this is a water based and mold can form. At the end of styling: check if they’re no hairs left in the jar. Store it cool and dry. Apply on damp hair. Any pressure is needed to scoop it out. You get a ‘shearing’ texture, wrinkles, not dry. Breakdown: some pressure while mixing. Mix it thoroughly. A tad oily result on the hands. The pomade goes in easy and smooth. A few decent scoops are enough (used 3). Spreads okay. Gives a good grip. No tug and pull when mixing into the hair or while combing (use a Denman and boar hair brush, no comb). Will see some streaks in the hair, but they’ll disappear in a second by dispersing. Product feels light in the hair. No stickiness, no greasiness, no dryness. Tames cowlicks, waves, slicks the sides down great. Styles fast and easy, slick. Hair maintains shape after the initial styling. Nice hair shape, alright height, nice comb lines, clean style.


A notch above natural, stays like that for the rest of the day.

Hold – endurance

Heavy hold. No hardening. Holds the hair in place the whole day: little flyaways, no sag. Straightened my hair splendidly, no waves anymore, still no waves at the end of the day. Tamed cowlicks very well too. No splitting. Hair stays soft. Wind, little rain did not mess up my hair nor some walking or cycling.


I did not need to! Restyling: no problem since the pomade does not harden. No tug or pull during this process. No loss of hold after restyling, my waves didn’t come through.

Build up

Clean build up. One scoop extra the day(s) after, done. 

Washing out

Does not rinse out with just water. You’ll need 1 or 2 shampoos. Hair feels healthy and soft afterwards.

Hair, scalp issues

No breakouts, allergies, itching.





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